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Business Strategy

Achieve your growth and
profit targets with a one page plan

Today’s environment of constant change, volatility and competitive pressure demands a robust and ever-evolving strategic plan focused on delivering successful outcomes. Each plan needs to be a ‘living and breathing’ document guiding future direction and providing clarity to key strategies and actions. If you’re tired of ‘ground hog’ years where little to no change occurs, engage with us to implement a strategic plan to accelerate your growth and profit objectives.

How we deliver

Emergination’s strategic planning process uses proven methodologies combined with a wealth of experience across a myriad of industry types and sizes to deliver a one page strategic plan that cuts through complexity to provide focus on the key strategies you need to implement for success.

Our over-arching methodology is ‘Now-Where-How’ where we help you:

  • Understand what’s working and what’s not in your business NOW 

  • Gain clarity to WHERE you want to be in the future 

  • Determine the top 3-4 key strategies as to HOW you will get there

Our process ensures you ‘learn through doing’ so you walk away with a clear plan plus you are educated in a series of powerful tools for internal use to continue to drive implementation of each strategy.

Practical outcomes, not theory

Emergination’s use a unique set of tools to drive the strategic planning process and ensure that it simply becomes a blueprint for ‘the way you do business’:

  • Facilitated workshop by an experienced business advisor

  • Walk away with a clear and concise ‘One Page Plan’ for your business

  • Set a clear vision and goals

  • Gain clarity to your competitive advantage as an organisation

  • Develop strategies using powerful business tools

  • Prioritise your key issues

  • Drive strategies into specific actions

  • Allocate responsibilities and timelines for action items

  • Learn a series of business tools you can use yourself in the business

  • Our strategic plans are a fantastic way to provide you the clarity, prioritisation, strategies and actionable plan to achieve your growth and profit targets for the year ahead.

Importantly, Emergination can assist in turning your plans into reality by supporting the implementation process with a combination of face-to-face and online advisory support. The likelihood of implementation success is improved with all actions captured online, just-in-time training provided and personnel held accountable for timely delivery.

3 Ways to Get Started:

Justin was a valuable member of my team for over five years as we achieved a turnaround on an IT services business. Justin is a true strategic thinker in our industry, and also has the rare ability to communicate quite complex concepts to people in easy to understand terms. This knowledge has been well recognised by the many invitations he receives to speak at industry events. He was able to achieve strong and consistent sales growth; to deliver projects with a high degree of customer satisfaction; and to motivate and grow a large professional team. I recommend Justin very highly.

Scott Cowans - Client Executive - Public Sector at IBM

Justin provided me with fantastic advice in the areas of business sales, models and scalability. It was clear that he has a lot of insight in the fields of business growth, emerging markets and applications of new technologies. Justin has a great inter-personal communications style and was able to quickly distil the current challenges and priorities for my business and provide me with a plan for future growth. I would recommend Emergination's advisory services to start-up and SME businesses looking to expand. 

Dr Melissa Langdon, Principal,

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